We Bought a Vacation Cabin! A Year Ago!

The current self-isolation has forced us to slow down considerably, so I’m trying to catch up on some blog writing this week. I got so behind in 2019 that I never shared about the sweet vacation cabin we acquired last spring over near Shepherdstown.

Knott Cabin in winter
Here’s how Knott Cabin looked the first time I took Christian to see it.

Knott Cabin had been a popular listing on Airbnb for about three years, marvelously hosted by Ginger Hankins. When she heard last January that we were building a tiny cabin on our property, she mentioned that she and her husband were thinking about selling one of her two Airbnb listings. She asked if we might be interested, and my first thought was, “No way could we manage a property that was a 20-minute drive away.” I decided to see the place, though, just for the heck of it.

I walked into Knott Cabin and immediately discovered what Ginger and a couple hundred of her guests already knew. It’s a special place. Situated about a tenth of a mile from the Potomac River, sporting a cedar-clad exterior with front porch and patio, the cabin sits next to a rural road and is surrounded by nearly 3 acres of woodland.

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