What’s New at Rockhaven?

If you haven’t visited since 2018, youโ€™ll notice on your next visit that Rockhaven just keeps getting better. Last year was a big year for property improvements here. We are always thinking about ways to provide a better experience for our guests AND in 2019 we needed to spruce up for the 400 visitors coming to inspect our place during Aprilโ€™s home and garden tour. Here are some of the most notable changes we made:


Christian started by digging out the dirt parking area in front of the property, installing TrueGrid permeable pavers and laying in lovely white gravel. He also moved the fence back a foot or so to increase space for head-in parking. Now, we can easily fit three cars in front and never have to worry about guests experiencing a muddy mess out there. Doesnโ€™t it look nice?

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