A Back of the House Tour

After working hard during our first year in Harpers Ferry to get the two guest suites up and running and the garden paths in shape, we have had more time this summer to work on decorating our own living areas. Since most B&B guests don’t get to see the back of the house, we thought we would give you a little peek at the rest of this amazing place.

We’ve tried hard to fit the stuff we already owned with the craftsman style of the home. The stained woodwork definitely requires a different decorating look than either of us have ever lived with, but I think we’re getting the hang of it.

The dining room became the repository for some of our collections. (I think we both might be museum curators at heart.) Also, I just HAD to paint these built-in shelves to brighten up the place. I promised to leave the rest of the woodwork alone.

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Our Favorite Local Lunch Spots

(We updated this information on 9/18/18 and again on 1/14/19)

Christian and I love good food, and we love to support local businesses. Want to know which ones we like best? Here is a list of our top five favorite local lunch spots to help you out in case you are looking for recommendations. We actually have more than five favorites, but we’re saving some of the restaurants that also serve dinner for a future post.

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