Love Is in the Air Here

In April 2017 Christian and I tied the knot under a vine-covered gazebo in our beautiful garden, surrounded by 25 dear family members. The day celebrated our commitment to each other in a partnership that has surprised us by working so well on not only a personal level but on a business level too.

Wedding at Rockhaven B&B, Harpers Ferry
Photo by Rachel Langerhans

So this month has us thinking about love and marriage even more than usual. Our property – the garden, back deck and sunroom – worked so well for our own small wedding party that we are thinking about opening the place up as a small event venue to others. We’re also thinking, though, about ways our B&B can encourage stronger relationships between couples already together.

Weddings and Such

For couples, like us, who did the big wedding thing years ago and this time around want small, sweet and simple, our place is perfect. Rockhaven can also appeal to couples of any generation who want a private but beautiful elopement or vow renewal ceremony.

Small event venue area shown here includes the garden, back deck with canopy and sunroom overlooking it all  (picturesque even in early spring).

Budgets can be tight for some couples, and we can help by hosting intimate and unfussy microweddings of up to 12 guests, inside or out, with space for a reception as well. The venue is, of course, great for small tea parties, bridal or baby showers – even slightly larger gatherings that don’t mind spreading across indoor/outdoor spaces.

A sweet corner of the sunroom overlooking the garden and deck.

If you would like to visit Rockhaven to check us out as a potential small event venue for your needs, call us at (304) 535-8235.

Strengthening Couple Relationships

We’ve also noticed that a significant number of guests tell us they are booking our suites for anniversaries and birthdays or just to get away from the kids and reconnect. This is great. We are all about the romance and want to encourage it as much as we can. Maintaining strong family relationships can be tough in today’s world, and we understand how important it is to nurture them.

A lot of thought went in to setting up our suites so our guests feel pampered and relaxed. We hope couples can let down from their crazy work and home lives and focus on each other here (so while there are lots of great things to do in Harpers Ferry, please leave some space for doing “nothing”). Candles and mood lighting may help a little, too.

Sleeping area in the Studebaker suite, Rockhaven B&B, Harpers ferry

We have also begun strategizing little ways to encourage positive communication – maybe some conversation starters left around the suite or pretty cards that invite couples to write notes of appreciation to each other. Short walk-and-talk suggestions may be helpful. These are coming very soon.

Your ideas would be appreciated. Do you have a favorite short book of romantic poetry or relationship advice that we should stock in the suites? Would you find any of this helpful if you came to visit? Let us know what you think!

Love Is in the Air

Love is in the air here at Rockhaven, especially with all the flowers beginning to bloom in the garden. Our goal is to be known as a place where great relationships both take root and blossom.

Wedding cake, Rockhaven B&B, Harpers Ferry

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