A Back of the House Tour

After working hard during our first year in Harpers Ferry to get the two guest suites up and running and the garden paths in shape, we have had more time this summer to work on decorating our own living areas. Since most B&B guests don’t get to see the back of the house, we thought we would give you a little peek at the rest of this amazing place.

We’ve tried hard to fit the stuff we already owned with the craftsman style of the home. The stained woodwork definitely requires a different decorating look than either of us have ever lived with, but I think we’re getting the hang of it.

The dining room became the repository for some of our collections. (I think we both might be museum curators at heart.) Also, I just HAD to paint these built-in shelves to brighten up the place. I promised to leave the rest of the woodwork alone.

This cabinet on the right is the only original section left in the kitchen. We added the farmhouse sink, tin backsplash and soapstone countertops last fall.
The den is decorated mostly in furnishings that Christian owned, including several pieces passed down from his Danish mother. Isn’t this original fireplace amazing?
This beautiful sunroom overlooking the gardens was added by the prior owners. They extended the original back porch, creating a perfect spot for meals and celebrations.
More of the sunroom. I decided that the stone walls (the original home exterior) called for a look inspired by French country.
The hallway leading to the garage has now become Christian’s gallery for the tools and garden implements he’s been collecting. The ladder came with the house.
This is a scene from our personal guest room, which we mostly reserve for visiting family and friends. I am still waiting for more decorating inspiration to hit and haven’t quite finished in there yet.
This is the guest bathroom, renovated over the winter to enlarge the shower. The prior owners split one normal-sized second floor bathroom into two tiny ones. We are very happy with the art deco look of the tile and think it fits the era of the house much better now.
Last of all, here’s our secret second-floor porch, which is a great spot for watching fireflies on early summer evenings. I also do a lot of copyediting out here, since it’s just steps away from our home office. Isn’t the floor unique for an outdoor space?

So there it is. Home sweet home. We are everyday amazed that we get to live in this old house.

If you would like to see it all in person, we will be on the regional home and garden tour next April, and the first floor may be open for a tour during the December holiday season. If you are interested in using the house or gardens for a small event, like an elopement, microwedding, dinner party or reception, let us know. We can probably work something out!

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